Nawrasse Dahman

Hi, I'm Nawrasse. A Full-Stack Developer And An Author.

I Started My Coding Journey Back In 2012, When I Saw An Ad For Khan Academy While Browsing The Web For Games To Play, I Instantly Got Intrigued By It, And Wondered Off In My Mind Picturing Myself As A Really Cool Hacker Like Those In Movies, And I Actually Liked What I Saw, So Here We Are Now After 10 Years Of Coding And With One Simple Mission Is To Make Coding Easier And Accessible For Everybody To Use.

I Worked As Staff Member At Discord For Almost 4 Years, That Was My First Real Job In Programming, And Then For 1 Year At Prisma, Currently I've Been Focusing On Freelancing And Helping People With My Code.

I Love To Code With Typescript And Javascript, I Use Frameworks Like Next.Js And libraries Like React For Basically Everything I Do.



Color Flipper

This Is A Project I Built In The Early Days Of The Pandemic, Color Flipper Is A Website That Generate Colors Everytime You Click On It Button.

Discord Bot

Bug Bot

This Is Bug Bot, An AI Powered Bot That I Built For Discord 2 Years Ago Cause Nobody Wanted To, So They Put The Newbie To It,(Aka Me).

Search Engine

Search Me

This Is A Clone Version Of Google Search App And I'm Also Using Wikipedia API, (Note That This Engine Will Only Display Information About A Certain Topic Or A Certain Someone).

NPM Package


Basic Mathematics In Typescript's Type System, This Is A Real Proof Of Concept And These Types Should Never Be Used In Any Kind Of Production Environment!

Shell Extension

Guitar Board

This Is A Small CLI Wrapper Around PedalBoard Effects, It Can Be Used To Play Guitar (Or Mic Input) And Apply Some Effects In Real Time. The Effects Will Be Applied In The Order Specified From CLI Command.

A Story


Our Story Is About A Town. A Small Town, And The People Who Lived In The Town. From A Far It Present Itself Like Any Other Town : Safe, Decent, Innocent. Get Closer Though And You Start Seeing The Shadows Underneath.





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